Doors Open Day Glasgow

The key to the city is yours. Happy exploring.

Doors Open Day is a free festival that celebrates Glasgow’s buildings, streets, parks, architecture, history and people with a programme full of walks, tours, talks, events and more than 100 buildings open for anyone to visit. For one week only, doors are opened and you are encouraged to explore Glasgow in a new way.

Since 2014 Doors Open Day Glasgow has had a mobile app on iOS made by Add Jam.

The Doors Open Day Glasgow app includes information such as opening and closing times, on site amenities for each attraction and detailed information on the history of each building. We used Glasgow Walking as a basis for building Doors Open Day.

Doors Open Day was released on iOS shortly before the 2014 Doors Open Day Weekend in Glasgow. Over 1000 participants downloaded the app to help them navigate the city and the many attractions opening their doors over the weekend.

Learning from Doors Open Day was fed into the Glasgow Walking product and transformed it into an App Platform for our client Glasgow City Council.

Doors Open Day has been used in subsequent years with the user base growing each year. App details are easily updated through the admin panel with app updates pushed out through the API.

How we made it.

The mobile app is a fully native iOS app and the API/admin panel use Ruby on Rails. The project is hosted using Docker. The project is heavily related to the Glasgow Walking project.

Project outcomes.

Doors Open Day was the first app launched using the Glasgow Walking codebase. It helped us refine that product further and helped us transform the simple tourist information app into an App Platform with huge economic benefit to the city council.