A place to grow, connect & collaborate

A place to grow, connect & collaborate

Seeking change and want to be a part of something different? The Gen is a free community platform. A place to build trust, collaborate, organise and meet.

It’s for the innovators who want help to fulfil their ambition. The community builders creating places and experiences that will help their members thrive. The event managers who want to make each meetup the start of a journey. All of us who believe that by working together we can shape a different society where everyone can benefit

The Gen has been founded by Andrew Barrie to create a product to better serve the business ecosystem. As technology has made us more connected many of us have never felt so alone.

Our mission with The Gen is to provide communitiy organisers with the tools they need to succeed. One aspect of this is The Gen platform, a place for organisers to home their community and give a central focus to their efforts. Invite on your members, collaborate, connect, share and succeed as a collective.

The difference we want to make

We all need to find people, places, communities, movements and events that willhelp us develop. Create belonging and trust. Empower. Learn. Create. Experiment. Make mistakes.

At The Gen we want to help build the environment, find the resources, share the knowledge and experience that is needed to make this happen.

How will we do it?

Ultimately, our members will shape the path we take. Together we will find best practice, effective collaborative techniques, how to make the best of all our talents and resources.

We have started the journey. Created a digital platform. Started onboarding communities (and built a few of our own). Invited some amazing people to help you. So, look round. Join in. Create your own communities and spaces or join others. Share your experience. Seek out those who you can help.

Inclusion is important for us. With that objective, everything you see on our app is available for you to use and develop. Free.


The Gen has been developed using Ruby on Rails and React. The project is a dense experience for community organisers who have discussion area's, events and project spaces to get their members working collaboratively.

Great products like this are born from a conversation. Let's have a chat and see what we can do together.

This is just one of Add Jam's projects

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