At the heart of the Glasgow technology industry

Our bright, comfortable studio is the perfect place for innovation and creative thinking.

We’re based at the heart of the Glasgow tech commuity. We call the gorgeous RookieOven our home and enjoy the many benefits of being surrounded by the most talented tech talent in the city.

Each day we’re soaked in natural light and enjoy a truly unique work environment which we feel is the perfect place for innovation. We find working in the right environment to be a key to innovation so we encourage partners to come by our office where we can diverge on ideas and unleash our creativity on the problem and opportunities at hand. We want those we work with to make use of our studio to the fullest.

A place of Engineering Excellence.

RookieOven is based in the Fairfield Shipyard Offices. Once the most famous shipyard in the world; it produced the most advanced and fastest ships at the height of the industrial revolution. It was home to the brightest minds of the day and can be considered the Silicon Valley of Victorian times.

Our home in Fairfield is returning the building to its glory years as a hub of engineering excellence.

We love to have visitors. If you would like to pay us a visit and see our amazing studio first hand just drop us an email or a tweet. We can catch up over a cup of artisan coffee or grab a game of pool with the team.

We’re easily accessible by car (being near the M8), by train (we’re a 5 minute walk from the famous Glasgow subway) and by bike (we have cycle lanes from the city centre straight to our doorstep).