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A workshop to kickstart your project.

Tap into the years of experience in brining new products market from the Add Jam team. This focused, high intensity day is an easy to book and conduct packed that will take your concept forward.

Tap into our experience

Focused one day workshop

At [Your Company Name], we believe that every groundbreaking app begins with a solid plan. That's why we've introduced our exclusive App Planning Day – a dedicated workshop designed to transform your vision into a viable blueprint for success.

At this stage, we forget the rules - anything is possible. By doing this, you can come up with something truly innovative. That's why we focus on figuring out and pinpointing exactly what the goals of your product are and what your users are expecting to get from the product.

What is App Planning Day?

App Planning Day is a 4 to 5-hour deep dive session where we bring your app idea into the spotlight. It's a day dedicated to unraveling the potential of your product, exploring implementation strategies, routes to market, and funding sources. This workshop is the starting point of every project we embark on, ensuring we lay a strong foundation for your app's development and success.

What are the rules?

To ensure the day is as productive as possible, we've set a few guidelines for attendance:

  • Stakeholders and Decision Makers: We recommend that attendees should be key stakeholders or decision-makers within your organization. This helps in making pivotal decisions swiftly, keeping the planning process agile and effective.
  • Limit of 4 Participants: This ensures that every voice is heard and contributes significantly to the planning process.
  • No Preparation Needed: There's no homework required for App Planning Day. We want fresh ideas and open minds. However, we can provide some material beforehand for those eager to jumpstart their thought process.

Location and Format

While we strongly advocate for an off-site, in-person session to foster creativity and collaboration, we understand the constraints of the current times. Hence, we offer the flexibility to conduct these sessions remotely, ensuring no opportunity for innovation is missed.

What are the outputs?

Each App Planning Day is unique so outputs will vary. What we can guarantee is we will deliver tangible outcomes that serve as a foundation for your app's development journey. Come the end of the session, you'll potentially walk away with:

  • A Draft Specification: A cornerstone document that outlines the scope and requirements of your project, ready to guide the estimation and planning of subsequent stages.
  • High-Level Sprint Plan If your project moves to development, we'll outline a preliminary sprint plan to kickstart the agile development process.
  • User Stories & Schema Design: Essential for understanding user interactions and database structure, fostering a user-centric development approach.
  • UML Diagrams & Wireframes: Visual blueprints of your app's architecture and user interface, providing clarity and direction for designers and developers alike.

Why Choose Us?

Our App Planning Day is the first step towards turning your app idea into reality, guided by our years of experience in creating world class software projects, we use our expertise and a commitment to excellence to make sure your concept takes a positive step forward. Ready to start your journey with us? Let's plan the future of your app together.

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