Glasgow Subway Crawl

Our guide to exploring the lovely Scottish city of Glasgow using the subway

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Celebrating Glasgow's Sub Crawl

The Add Jam team are rooted deeply in the heart of Glasgow so we decided to sprinkle a bit of local flavor into our portfolio. We crafted a site dedicated to one of the city's most beloved traditions... the Sub Crawl.

What is the Glasgow Sub Crawl?

The Glasgow Subway, Europe's third oldest underground transit system, has been in operation since 1896. Its unique circular design has given birth to the Sub Crawl, a local rite of passage.

Participants purchase a day ticket and embark on a journey around the subway circle, stopping at each station for a break. While many opt for a pint as their pause, we believe the subway's true charm lies in the diverse slices of Glasgow it reveals, with each stop inviting you to explore a different facet of our vibrant city.

Behind the Scenes

In a creative burst between projects, the Add Jam team set out to showcase the Sub Crawl. With a tight timeframe and a desire for some fun, we leaned on Gatsby for its efficiency in building static sites and chose Netlify for hosting. The result? A quick, lively project that pays homage to a cherished local pastime.

Have a look and start planning your sub crawl.



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