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Navigate the Market with Ease: Property Tracker

In the whirlwind UK housing market post-COVID, prices have soared, and the cost of living crisis has upended the rental landscape. For those looking to find their next home, the challenge has never been greater. How do you navigate this chaos to discover a place you can call your own?

Property Tracker emerges as your trusted companion in this journey.

A New Vision for Home Searches

Property Tracker was born from our own experiences with the housing market's complexities. Recognizing the need for a smarter, more personal approach to house hunting, we created a tool designed to empower buyers and renters alike.

Streamlined Property Tracking

With Property Tracker, you can seamlessly integrate property listings from major platforms like Right Move and Zoopla. But we didn't stop there. You can personalize each listing with your notes, insights, and even snapshots. This personal touch transforms your search, making each property listing a rich, informative canvas of potential.

Planning a viewing? Our curated property viewing checklist ensures you know exactly what to look for, making every visit count.

Your Digital Portfolio of Possibilities

The dynamic nature of the property market means listings appear and vanish daily. Property Tracker allows you to capture and store these fleeting opportunities, along with your personalized annotations. This digital portfolio becomes a powerful tool, enabling you to compare and contrast different properties with ease, clarity, and insight.

Commitment to Privacy

Sadly we live in a world where data is currency and therefore your privacy remains our priority. Property Tracker champions a privacy-first approach. All your data stays on your device, shielded from the prying eyes of advertisers and trackers. In your search for a new home, rest assured that your journey remains yours alone.

How we made it

Property Tracker has been developed as a React Native app and is available on iOS and Android.


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