Launching: Glasgow Park Walk

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Daniel Taylor

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April 18 2024


The pocket guide to green spaces in Glasgow

Glasgow Park Walk is the latest app on offer from the team at Add Jam, that provides a comprehensive list of Glasgow's public parks.


Multiple Languages

One of the key features the team focused on during development was the addition and inclusion of multiple languages supported in the application. The app features translations for multiple languages including English, French, Italian, Polish and more.

We took this approach as our target audience included not just locals to Glasgow or English speakers. But also to tourists visiting Glasgow and looking for something to do and explore more of the city. The team decided that by removing this language barrier for our users we could provide a much richer and fuller user experience.

Park Information

For each of the parks we have included a background description of the park so visitors can really get to know the park and get a more enriching visit.

In the app users can find important information on each of the parks such as their opening hours. What facilities are available to the public, from play areas for children to public toilets and picnic areas for people to come together and enjoy being in nature.

To help users, especially non Glasgow natives, get to the parks easier. The app features a map display and some details about traveling to the parks. For instance what subway/train stations are nearby, parking information and bus links.

Screenshot of Linn Park's description and opening hours for that day.
Screenshot of Linn Park's description and opening hours for that day.

Park Accessibility

The team also wanted to include some information about how accessible the parks are for people. So to provide our users with as much information as possible we have included details on the types of ground that visitors can find whilst walking around the park.

The app also features an elevation warning about hills or steep sections of the path, so users have an idea on how difficult it could be for them to get around the park. And finally we also include if the park is wheelchair accessible.

Park Activities

Alongside the general facilities found in the parks, the app features a list of various activities that can be undertaken in the parks from tennis courts, bowling greens, bike hubs and visitor attractions. The team has also supplemented this with the ability to call any of these activities (where available) with one click.

Screenshot of the activities available at Linn park.
Screenshot of the activities available at Linn park.

Favorite Parks

Finally the app also includes the abilities to add any of the parks to your favorites list, for quick and easy access anytime.

Park Walk in Your Area?

If you like the sound of Glasgow Park Walk and would like to see something similar brought to your local area. Then why not get in touch with the team and let us know what area you would like to see a Park Walk app be created for.

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