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Working alongside local schools to create a vibrant guide to the town of Barrhead

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Exploring Barrhead's Heritage: The Anniversary Urban Walk App

In a vibrant initiative to celebrate and explore the rich history of Barrhead, the Anniversary Urban Walk app emerges as a digital window into the town's past. This innovative app, freely available on iOS and Android, invites users to embark on a journey through Barrhead, guided by content lovingly contributed by the staff, pupils, and the wider community of St Luke's High School and its cluster schools: St Mark's Primary, St John's Primary, and St Thomas' Primary.

A Community Effort

The creation of the Anniversary Urban Walk app represents a unique collaboration within the Barrhead community. Its content—ranging from historical insights to hand-drawn illustrations—has been exclusively crafted by local educators, students, and residents, reflecting a collective effort to document and share the town's heritage. This approach not only enriches the app's educational value but also fosters a sense of pride and belonging among contributors and users alike.

Powered by Pocket Leap

The app is built on the Pocket Leap platform, a creation of Add Jam, co-founded by Chris Sloey and Michael Hayes, both alumni of St Luke's High School and current residents of Barrhead. Pocket Leap exemplifies the power of mobile technology in education, offering an intuitive content management system that empowers communities to bring their stories to the forefront of the digital age.

Mobile Learning Reimagined

The Anniversary Urban Walk app leverages mobile technology to provide an interactive learning experience, blending the physical exploration of Barrhead with accessible, engaging educational content. Through this app, users can discover the town's historical locations and stories, enriched with personal touches and insights from the younger generation.

A Living History

One of the app's most compelling features is its dynamic nature; new stories and content can be added at any time, inviting ongoing contributions from the Barrhead community. This open invitation for new stories ensures that the app remains a living document of the town's history, continuously evolving with the addition of fresh perspectives and discoveries.

Conclusion: A Step into Barrhead's Past

The Anniversary Urban Walk app stands as a testament to the educational and communal potential of mobile apps, transforming a simple walk through Barrhead into an immersive historical adventure. Through the collaborative efforts of local schools, residents, and the technological expertise of Add Jam, the app serves as a model for how communities can use digital platforms to celebrate their heritage and educate future generations. As the app grows with each new story, it promises to be an invaluable resource for both locals and visitors eager to explore the depths of Barrhead's rich past.





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