Attachment Bot

Attachment Bot is a desktop app that automates finding, saving, and organizing your email attachments.

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Effortless email attachment management

Attachment Bot is a productivity tool that streamlines the management of email attachments. Users can authenticate their IMAP email account (Gmail, Yahoo, Fastmail, iCloud, etc.), set up custom rules to match specific emails, and automatically save the attachments to a designated location on their device.

The app ensures data privacy by processing all information locally without any analytics or tracking. Attachments are exported and organized by year, month, and day for easy integration with existing workflows.

Solving the email attachment chaos

Managing email attachments like invoices and receipts can be a tedious and time-consuming task for businesses. Without consistent naming conventions or an easy way to match documents with transactions, locating specific attachments for bookkeeping or tax purposes becomes challenging.

Attachment Bot tackles this issue head-on by automating the process of finding, saving, and organizing email attachments based on user-defined rules. The app offers a range of features to make attachment management a breeze:

  • IMAP compatibility for universal email provider support
  • Custom rules to match emails based on criteria like sender or subject
  • Automatic saving of attachments from matched emails
  • Privacy-first local data processing
  • Activity log for tracking app actions
  • Organized export of attachments by date
  • Free trial with one email account and three rules
  • Affordable yearly subscription or lifetime license pricing

Under the hood: building with Electron and React

Attachment Bot began as a SwiftUI prototype for macOS but transitioned to an Electron app using React. This strategic shift allows for easier porting to Windows and potentially Linux in the future.

The app leverages the IMAP protocol to securely authenticate with email providers and access messages. When a new email arrives, Attachment Bot checks the user's defined rules to determine if there is a match based on criteria like sender, recipient, subject, or body text.

If a match is found, any attachments are automatically saved to the user's chosen directory with an organized folder structure (year/month/day). The activity log keeps track of all actions performed by the app.

By using Electron and web technologies like React, Add Jam was able to efficiently develop Attachment Bot for multiple platforms while providing a familiar, user-friendly interface. The modular architecture allows for easy maintenance and feature additions over time.

Versatile use cases

Attachment Bot simplifies bookkeeping and month-end admin tasks for small businesses and freelancers. By automatically collecting and organizing key documents like invoices, receipts, and bills, the app saves users time and ensures important attachments are never lost.

In addition to business use cases, Attachment Bot has a wide range of personal applications:

  • Saving shopping vouchers
  • Tracking subscription expenses
  • Running an Etsy store
  • Backing up sentimental emails
  • Managing immigration documents
  • Basic case management

Get it today

Attachment Bot launched first on the Mac App Store, with a Windows version coming soon. The app offers a free trial as well as flexible subscription and one-time purchase options to meet different user needs and preferences.

Add Jam's Attachment Bot showcases the team's ability to identify a common pain point and deliver an elegant, cross-platform solution. By prioritizing data privacy, compatibility, and ease of use, Attachment Bot has the potential to become an essential productivity tool for anyone looking to take control of their email attachments.

Attachment Bot is well-positioned to help a wide user base streamline their workflows and focus on what matters most. Add Jam continues to leverage its expertise in web technologies and thoughtful UI/UX design to create innovative, user-centric software products across various domains.



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