EV fleet management

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Keeping EV fleet users moving

Bypass is a powerful asset for as we transition to electric mobility. It allows EV fleet users to pay at any rapid charger whilst you easily track and control costs.

With Bypass fleet managers can:

  • Onboard drivers in minutes, not days
  • Pay at any rapid charger include Tesla Superchargers
  • One invoice to claim 20% VAT on charging
  • Control and track charging with fraud prevention

About Bypass

Noticing the barriers in payments when using electric vehicles Bypass was founded by Grant MacLennan and Jamie Sunderland. With Bypass users are issued a payment card for use at EV fast charging stations.

Our role with Bypass

EV drivers with a Bypass card can add the Bypass payment card to their smartphone "wallet". This is where Add Jam worked with the Bypass team to add a the necessary extensions to the Bypass mobile app codebase to enable add to Wallet on the iOS app.

Add Jam helped the Bypass team with this native mobile development and ensuring the extensions are built as part of the deployment pipeline.

We were also on hand to advise the Bypass team as the app went through App Store and Stripe review processes.


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