CareFit is a research project with the University of Strathclyde aiming to support as many caregivers as possible with their health and wellbeing.

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CareFit is a research project based within Computer and Information Sciences and the Physical Activity for Health Group at the University of Strathclyde with a mission is to support as many caregivers as possible with their health and wellbeing.

About CareFit

In the U.K alone approximately 1 in 8 adults is an informal carer (6.5 million people in the UK) and this group saves the UK £132 billion per year. Unfortunately, many carers do not keep well, with 72% of carers saying they suffer mental ill health and 61% of carers saying that they suffer physical ill health (Carers UK Statistics).

As UK national survey data reports suggest that approximately 81% of carers would like to do more physical activity, our primary interest is around improving the levels of physical activity in caregivers including though the use of novel digital approaches such as mobile apps. This is to encourage physical activity for all caregivers regardless of their recent experience or ability.

Carefit is a helpful aid to help carers improve their levels of physical activity.

Our role with CareFit

Add Jam have helped the CareFit team at the University of Strathclyde Computer and Information Sciences department from an early stage through to development and support of the product and continued advice and coaching as the project is carried forward.

  • Product design and user experience, using rapid Figma prototyping for quick feedback
  • Technical design and infrastructure
  • Mobile app development
  • Deployment
  • Custom content management system
  • Privacy focused analytics service to understand use behaviours in a safe, anonamysied and GDPR compliant way

Privacy was of the upmost importance. Our target users are most likely vulnerable, tech illterate and we are asking them to input data that is extremely private. Our solution is to ensure all private data is only ever stored on device and never leaves the device.

Our agile development process, centered around sprint methodologies, has allowed us to continuously innovate iterative improvements to the CareFit project where we learn from real user feedback.

The CareFit tech stack

CareFit uses a couple of codebases:

  • Ruby on Rails API and content management system
  • React Native mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Scalable infrastructure using AWS

The tech stack has allowed us to create a powerful content management system with a custom data schema while creating an excellent privacy focused health/education app for both iOS and Android.

Add Jam have been pivotal to the success of the CareFit project. The team have taken our initial concepts and brought them to life and then some. They have gone above and beyond to help us create an app that will make a real difference to carers.

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Kieren EganProject Lead CareFit



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