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Come Back Soon Tracker monitors Center Parcs UK bookings and alerts customers if the price decreases, allowing them to claim a refund under the Come Back Soon Price Promise guarantee.

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Helping Center Parcs UK guests save money

Come Back Soon Tracker is a web-based service that monitors Center Parcs UK bookings on behalf of guests. It automatically checks if the price of a guest's booking has decreased and sends an email alert if it has.

If you've booked your stay at Center Parcs UK with the Come Back Soon Offer (or generally have the Price Promise applied to your booking) you can then claim a refund for the price difference. The Price Promise states that if a guest finds the same break at a lower price after booking, Center Parcs will refund the difference.

However, Center Parcs doesn't proactively notify guests if the price drops which leaves it up the the holiday maker to manually check the current prices for their booking themselves.

Come Back Soon Tracker solves this problem by continuously monitoring prices for you. For a small £9 fee per booking, the service could save guests hundreds of pounds - we know this first hand.

Inspired by real savings

The idea for Come Back Soon Tracker came from Add Jam co-founder Michael's personal experience. Like many families in the UK Michael had booked a break at Sherwood Forest Center Parcs in summer 2023. Michael's wife happened to recheck the booking price on the lead up to their break.

She discovered the price had decreased and they were eligible for a refund of over £200 under the Come Back Soon Offer. As Center Parcs hadn't notified them, they would have missed out on these savings if not for the manual price check.

Realising that many Center Parcs guests are likely leaving money on the table, Michael decided to build Come Back Soon Tracker to help automate the process of regularly checking for price drops.

How it works

Here's how Come Back Soon Tracker works:

  1. Guests sign up and enter their Center Parcs booking details (village, dates, accomodation type, number of guests etc).
  2. Come Back Soon Tracker securely saves this information.
  3. The service automatically checks the booking price at least once per day.
  4. If the price has decreased, it alerts the guest via email with instructions for how to claim the price difference refund from Center Parcs.
  5. The guest contacts Center Parcs to request a refund under the Come Back Soon / Price Promise offer, keeping more money in their pocket.

The £9 fee covers monitoring the booking price from sign up through to the check-in date. Guests only pay if Come Back Soon Tracker confirms it is successfully monitoring their booking.

Sharing hints and tips

We figure there's more to getting the most value out of Center Parcs than just tracking the price promise. That's why we're created a blog where we collate the best Center Parcs UK Hints and Tips.

Technical Details

Come Back Soon Tracker is a web application built using the Ruby on Rails framework. Key features include:

  • Secure user sign up and management
  • Integration with Center Parcs booking system to fetch current prices
  • Automated daily price checks using background jobs
  • Email alerts to notify guests of price drops
  • Stripe integration for payment processing

The application is deployed on scaleable cloud infrastructure that allows Add Jam to run Come Back Soon Tracker as a reliable, scalable service to CP users.

Save on your next Center Parcs break

If you have an upcoming Center Parcs UK booking, sign up for Come Back Soon Tracker today. It's a small investment that could lead to big savings.

For just £9, let Come Back Soon Tracker monitor your booking price 24/7 and alert you if it drops so you can claim your refund. Don't leave money on the table - make sure you're getting the best deal on your family break.

Also keep an eye on the Come Back Soon Tracker blog which for Hints and Tips which will help you save even more money at Center Parcs.

Have questions about the service or ideas on how to improve it? Get in touch with the Add Jam team to learn more.

And if you have an idea for your own web application, contact Add Jam. Our expert team of Ruby on Rails and JavaScript developers can bring it to life, just like we did with Come Back Soon Tracker.

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