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Pioneering Sustainable Mobility in Inverclyde: The eBikes.scot Project

In the picturesque yet hilly terrain of Inverclyde, Scotland, the concept of bike hire schemes takes on a new challenge. The unique geographical features, combined with a lower population density, present a distinct obstacle to promoting sustainable and active modes of transportation. Recognizing this, Add Jam embarked on an ambitious journey with the Inverclyde Community Trust and Cloch Housing Association, aiming to introduce an environmentally friendly and physically rewarding alternative to conventional transport options through the eBikes.scot initiative.

Bridging the Gap with eBikes

eBikes.scot emerged from a vision to make Inverclyde more accessible and sustainable. Funded by Nesta, the project offers residents the opportunity to hire electric bikes at no cost, providing a much-needed solution to navigate the challenging inclines and encouraging a shift towards more active lifestyles and reduced carbon footprints.

The Journey Begins

The project kicked off in December 2018, marking the start of a collaborative effort between Add Jam and the Inverclyde Community Trust. The initial phase focused on understanding the user journey and conceptualizing the eBike hire scheme's digital interface. Through a series of workshops and planning sessions, a wireframe was developed, laying the foundation for what would become a user-centric, intuitive app designed to facilitate easy access to eBikes.

Empowering Local Teams

A key aspect of the eBikes.scot project was ensuring sustainability beyond the initial launch. To achieve this, Add Jam placed a significant emphasis on empowering the Inverclyde Community Trust team with the skills and knowledge needed to manage and evolve the app independently. This involved comprehensive training sessions and hands-on coding workshops, equipping the local team with the expertise to maintain the codebase and implement future updates.

Navigating Challenges

Implementing an eBike scheme in an area like Inverclyde required innovative thinking, especially given the terrain and demographic challenges. The project team meticulously mapped out potential bike routes, identifying strategic locations for bike stations that would maximize usage and accessibility while considering the physical exertion needed to navigate the area's steep inclines.

The Impact

The introduction of eBikes.scot has marked a significant step towards transforming Inverclyde into a model of sustainable transportation. The scheme not only offers a green alternative to cars and buses but also promotes physical health and well-being among residents. By tackling the logistical and geographical challenges head-on, the project has set a precedent for how similar schemes can be adapted to fit the unique needs of different communities.

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