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Innovative, electronically programmable experiential learning activity

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Experiential learning hardware

The Electric Maze is an innovative, electronically programmable experiential learning activity that challenges teams to find a successful path without triggering a pressure sensitive alarm. Easily adaptable and programmable, Electric Maze is a team problem solving activity for change management and business process improvement. A wide range of team exercises can be used with this activity including developing a variety of soft skills essential to any organisation's success.

The Electric Maze is a highly motivating learning device that consists of a grid and a control module. The grid is an interconnected set of 12 flexible panels that is marked into 48 squares. Each square can be activated independently using a pressure-sensitive switch, and the free-to-download Smartphone App (iOS or Android). If the square is activated, and if someone steps on it, the maze alarm sounds (and the control box warning light flashes). You can activate and deactivate any square on the maze with the control App.

About RSVP Design

RSVP Design are globally active and widely respected specialists in experiential learning design. Over the last 20 years the team at RSVP Design have developed and manufactured multiple bespoke experiential learning activities that are sold around the world.

Our role with Electric Maze

Add Jam have undertaken development and design work for Electric Maze including:

  • Mobile app on iOS and Android
  • Interact with the Electric Maze hardware using Bluetooth (BLE)
  • CMS for uploading and distributing firmware updates
  • Deployment pipeline for iOS and Android apps

The Electric Maze tech stack

Electric Maze is primarily a mobile app that was required on both iOS and Android: is a large project encompassing:

  • Ruby on Rails API with content management system for uploading/distributing firmware updates
  • React Native mobile app using BLE on both iOS and Android

This technology mix has allowed us to create an app that allows trainers to successfully run training sessions using the Electric Maze hardware.


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