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Glasgow Walking: A Step Towards Healthier Cities with Heritage at Heart

In an ambitious move to harness the power of technology for public health, Add Jam embarked on the development of the Glasgow Walking app. This innovative solution seeks to merge the love for local heritage with the necessity for increased physical activity among citizens. By curating engaging walks that showcase Glasgow's rich history and cultural landmarks, the app aims to inspire residents to explore their city on foot, contributing to a healthier community and potential savings of £60 million for the NHS through reduced health risks.

Empowering Glasgow City Council

The Glasgow Walking app represents a versatile tool for Glasgow City Council, offering a cost-effective and efficient means of engaging with citizens. The platform allows for quick production of mobile applications tailored to various informational needs, easily adaptable to different branding requirements. This flexibility ensures that the council can consistently deliver valuable content to its residents, encouraging exploration and activity through a user-friendly interface.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Exploration

At the heart of the app's development was a focus on the end-user experience. One standout feature is the real-time compass for city attractions, a simple yet powerful tool that aids navigation and enhances spatial awareness. This thoughtful addition underscores Add Jam's commitment to delivering nuanced, practical solutions that enrich the user's interaction with their environment.

Gathering Insights from Real-World Feedback

The initial prototype of the Glasgow Walking app underwent rigorous testing, distributed to key stakeholders from city officials to local schoolchildren. Utilizing tools like Twitter Fabric's Crashlytics, Add Jam gathered valuable data on app performance and user engagement. This feedback loop was crucial in refining the app, leading to the removal of confusing elements and streamlining the interface for clarity and ease of use.

Learning Through Iteration

The process of iteration led to a significant evolution of the project. What began as a single application transformed into the Glasgow Walking App Platform — a comprehensive system that includes an admin panel for real-time updates and the capability to rapidly produce new apps for both iOS and Android. This advancement showcases the project's shift from a standalone product to a scalable platform, enabling the creation of customized information apps in less than a day.

Conclusion: Paving the Way for Active Urban Living

The Glasgow Walking app stands as a testament to the potential of digital solutions to foster a more active and informed society. By combining the allure of local heritage with the practicalities of modern app design, Add Jam has created a platform that not only enhances the public's engagement with their city but also contributes to broader health and wellness goals. As the Glasgow Walking App Platform continues to evolve, it promises to serve as a model for how cities can leverage technology to promote healthy lifestyles and community participation.




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