KAPA - Where your sports club lives

Simple, easy to use real time chat is supported by the helpful assistant KAPA to help club organisers and coaches to collect payments and organise events all from their mobile phone.

KAPA makes it easy to collect payments, communicate and organise events for sports clubs and societies. Using the power of KAPA, orgnisers and club coaches are able to collect payments and organise events all from within the same app they use to chat to their club members.

KAPA makes use of powerful mobile features such as push notifications and mobile payments (including Apple Pay).

KAPA was a large scale project for Add Jam encompassing server side, mobile apps for iOS and Android, infrastructure, design and deployment. Our initial stages of the project were to work with the KAPA team to plan our approach to the project and our methodologies.

Communication is key to all our projects. With KAPA we used daily stand ups with the whole project team which were effective in keeping all members of the project team up to date and on course with our project goals.

Throughout development of KAPA we were super quick to adapt to the changing needs of the product. This allowed us to quickly implement new features and suggestions as they came in from stakeholders and allowed us to change our product onboarding philosophy in a short space of time.

KAPA launched in October 2016 concurrently on iOS and Android. In 4 months Add Jam had delivered a custom real time chat service with smart assistant, a rich chat stream (pictures, attachments and custom activity cards), payments and internationalisation from the outset.

Check out our work on KAPA:

How we made it.

KAPA is split across 4 code bases, a React Native mobile app for iOS and Android. A high performant backend written in Elixir with the Phoenix framework. A smart assistant bot written with Javascript and lastly an API client written in Javascript used across the multiple clients.