Kara - meeting cancer with mindfulness

Beautiful web based meditation app designed to develop kindness, awareness, rest and allowing

Kara contains twelve tracks. Four of the tracks are designed to develop kindness, awareness, rest and allowing which together are the four key qualities which give Kara its name. Eight additional tracks for dealing with specific emotions and difficult experiences are also available such as for when someone is feeling overwhelmed, can’t sleep or is in pain. The website includes reflections to read which allow people to have a deeper understanding of what meditation is and how the principles and practices of mindfulness apply to the experience of being with cancer. Kara also features stories very generously shared by buddhify users of how they have used mindfulness through their own journey with cancer.

Kara is a web app designed to work best on mobile phones and tablets.

With Kara there were a lot of technical unknowns. That could effect the user experience of the app. Would tracks play smoothly in the browser? Could animations be crisp and smooth across devices and mobile platforms? Add Jam build a rapi prototype of the main aspects of the app in a matter of weeks.

The core experience was fine tuned with timings and tranistions adjusted to ensure Kara was a soothing and fitting experience for our end users. The Kara player is animated to mimic a paper fortune teller.

Kara has more content than just meditation tracks. Short snippets of reflection text and user stories, captured by the team at Minfulness Everywhere, are used to give insight into the benefits of mindfulness.

Add Jam developed a custom, secure and easy to use CMS for Kara. This small addition to project allows the team to remotely update all the content on the site.

You can enjoy Kara at:

How we made it.

Kara was created used the Ember javascript framework and the custom CMS was developed using Ruby on Rails.