LoL 2048

A League of Legends themed clone of the viral hit 2048

Like most of the internet Add Jam have been addicted to the excellent 2048 puzzle game. We thought it would be fun to make a League of Legends themed clone and unexpectedly had a viral smash hit with over 2 million players.

We launched the web version of 2048 in super quick time. Less than 30 mins in total. We cloned the open source 2048 project by Gabriele Cirulli and added the League of Legends artwork to it.

We hosted the web version of LoL 2048 on GitHub pages and submitted a link to Reddit. It went to the front page and user numbers were through the roof. Over 1 million games played over two days.

We noticed a high number of users where on mobile. We used it as an opportunity to experiment with React Native to make a mobile app. Specifically we wanted to expermient with iAD and using advertising networks with React Native.

Since launch we've tweaked LoL 2048 on web and mobile and used it to test out theories. We tried experiments with capturing email, copy writing, social sharing and creating a referral loop.

Have a game of LoL 2048 yourself:

How we made it.

The mobile app is built using React Native and available on the iOS App Store. The web version is HTML/CSS with local storage and now hosted on Digital Ocean.