Track your beauty journey in one safe space

Track your beauty journey in one safe space

How we helped Myrror deliver an effective, user-friendly app for tracking beauty and aesthetic treatments in a secure way

What is Myrror?

Founded by Stacy and Jennifer, Myrror was designed to track a user’s beauty journey in a safe and secure environment. Myrror users can create a personal profile, with a secure treatment tracker for monitoring progress and a “Look Locker” for saving inspiration, as well as connect and collaborate with a trusted network of beauty professionals. Built with privacy and security in mind, Myrror gives users control over their circle of connections, allowing them to share with their most trusted individuals - be that their best friend or their beautician.

The Myrror team came to Add Jam to help them create a bespoke app that offers its users a brilliant experience from start to finish. The app is designed to track a variety of procedures and treatments, covering everything from visits to the hairdressers or the effectiveness of a new skincare product right up to cosmetic procedures, dentistry or monitoring skin conditions like alopecia and eczema.

How Add Jam helped

We worked closely with Stacy and Jennifer across a number of sprints, starting with an initial design sprint that focused on the look and feel of the app. This first two-week sprint was used to design the necessary data structures and implement the infrastructure, utilising Figma to work on prototypes and develop new iterations of the end product.

With each iteration, we developed the look and feel of Myrror's app, focusing on adding useful product features that added depth and value to the user experience. We spent time considering the user journey as a whole, assessing what functions would be useful for both new and long-term users.

From here, we moved on to in-depth app development sprints, using React Native to produce iOS and Android apps hosted with AWS. We worked with Myrror throughout the process, building on both teams’ knowledge and experience to define handy features such as the Look Locker and a reminder system.

Overcoming lockdown challenges

We started our work with Myrror during 2020, which we all know was a year full of challenges. Add Jam is well equipped to work remotely, and we often did so before it became the norm, so we were ready to handle this project from start to finish from the comfort of our homes. Using collaborative tools like Whereby and Slack for easy communication, alongside Figma for design, we were able to put together an effective and user-friendly mobile app for Myrror without being impacted by the lockdown. Adapting our processes meant that we could maintain our passion for working collaboratively with our clients, despite not being able to meet in person.

Working with Add Jam was fantastic. The process was great and considering we only got the chance to meet face to face a couple of times the collaboration and communications were perfect. Would highly recommend Add Jam to anyone creating apps. The guys take your vision and, using their expertise on what makes a great app, turn it into something really quite special.
Stacy Munro
Stacy Munro

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