Pocket Leap

Making custom mobile apps affordable and accessible

With Pocket Leap you can create and update your own fully branded, gorgeous mobile app for iOS and Android. Tourists can take your business with them and enhance their visit.

If you want to give tourists a more up to date, user friendly and engaging experience than traditional paper tourist information you can create your own mobile apps with Pocket Leap so that you can keep tourist well informed using their mobile device and direct them to discover nearby attractions and amenities on your recommendation.

The key to a great mobile app is excellent content. With Pocket Leap you can share text, high resolution images, audio and video to ensure the app is useful and provides value to your customers.

Getting your app onto the App Store and/or Play Store is simple with Pocket Leap. Hit the Publish button and the app is automatically sent to Apple and Google for review and publication to the store.

One of the core features of Pocket Leap us meaningful analytics baked into the platform. Learn what your users like and dislike and use this data to improve your business.

A Pocket Leap mobile app opens up and new means to communicate with customers. Using Pocket Leap you can send push notifications with offers, updates and news to your customers.

Why we made it.

Mobile offers many benefits to businesses but is expensive and can be daunting. With Pocket Leap we're using our expertise in making gorgeous mobile apps to offer an affordable and accessible way for brands to get onto mobile.

Get Started.

Pocket Leap is our own product. It greatly reduces the cost of getting a gorgeous, high quality mobile app. Apps can be launched super fast from as little as £150 per month (+VAT).

We’re confident Pocket Leap, with the unique blend of ease of use and powerful features, businesses will be empowered to really deliver a quality mobile experience to their customers. It will empower businesses to have their brand present on customers devices, allow businesses to engage through a simple push notification and all the while Pocket Leap will be collecting useful data and providing useful insights through our built in analytics.