Profile Collage

Innovative Instagram feeds in a matter of clicks.

Profile Collage makes live easier for social media managers. Social media managers aren’t always graphic designers - so why are they expected to be? We’ve created a tool that helps you create an Instagram feed that stands out in seconds.

Using Profile Collage, you can easily create a stunning collage feed that’s ready for upload straight away. Bring your Instagram feed to life and showcase your images in their full glory.

Standing out on Instagram is tough. Using your grid to create an innovative collage adds a level of interest for users - but it’s time consuming. Many digital marketers lack the graphic design skills to navigate programmes like Photoshop, so we’ve come up with an easy solution.

Profile Collage was the answer. First up, we focused on designing as simple a process as possible, using the Sketch app to make prototypes of the process before moving onto building the software.

We viewed Profile Collage as a mini-hackathon for the Add Jam team. We hunkered down and developed a prototype in React with Ruby on Rails as the backend. We made it functional and started to use it internally before polishing ahead of shipping.

We shipped Profile Collage in July 2018, a week after starting the initial designs, and we continue to tweak and add features based on user feedback and learnings.

You can give Profile Collage a go at:

How we made it.

Profile Collage is a Rails app (5.2) and uses React. The project is hosted on Heroku.