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QTS are the leading welded wire mesh manufacturer in the UK. QTS had a well establish quotation processes that used Excel spreadsheets, however this system was not only inflexible but also delivered a suboptimal user experience, disconnected from the company's broader business processes. Enter the development of the Quote to Site system—a transformative Ruby on Rails application designed to redefine efficiency and precision in quote generation.

Overcoming Spreadsheet Limitations

The reliance on Excel for quotes represented a significant bottleneck for QTS. The spreadsheets, while familiar, were rigid, error-prone, and lacked integration with other critical business systems such as ERP and CRM software. This old method stood in stark contrast to the dynamic, fast-paced nature of the manufacturing industry, where flexibility and speed are crucial. The need for a more sophisticated, integrated quoting solution was clear.

A Tailored Ruby on Rails Application

The Quote to Site system emerged from a deep understanding of QTS's operational challenges and the technological opportunities to address them. Built on the robust framework of Ruby on Rails and hosted on Render for its superior performance, this application was meticulously crafted to move QTS away from the spreadsheet quagmire.

Intuitive Design for Complex Needs

Acknowledging the complexity of quoting manufactured products, our design approach prioritized simplicity and usability. The system features an intuitive interface that guides users through creating detailed quotes, a stark departure from the convoluted spreadsheet experience. This user-centered design ensures that all steps, from product selection to final quote generation, are clear and straightforward.

Extensible product

A core part of our approach with Quote to Site was to ensure the product could be extended and is adaptable to the changing needs of QTS. The implementation of the Quote to Site system has marked a new era for QTS. The move away from Excel spreadsheets to a dedicated quoting platform has not only improved the accuracy of quotes but also significantly enhanced the overall user experience. The system's ability to integrate with other business functions has streamlined operations, reducing errors and saving valuable time.

The Quote to Site development is a testament to the power of targeted technological solutions in addressing specific business challenges. By transitioning from inflexible spreadsheets to a dynamic, integrated Ruby on Rails application, QTS has set a new standard in efficiency and accuracy for the manufacturing industry. This project underscores our commitment to delivering not just software but transformative business tools.

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