Rx Tariff

Making it easy to search sort and filter the Scottish NHS Drug Tariff

It's 2019 yet the NHS Scottish Drug Tariff is distributed throguh Excel spreadsheets. We can do better than this.

Add Jam developed the Rx Tariff product to make the drug tariff easily accessible for community pharmacists and in doing so saving them time and ultimately improving patient care.

The NHS Drug Tariff communicated the rate the NHS will reimburse pharmacies for dispensing drugs. So the tariff may list 'Paracetemol' for '100p' that means a pharmacy will get paid that amount for dispensing. Independant community pharmacies will aim to dispesne the drug for no more than the tariff rate but ideally below it. Giving them, as private businesses, a margin of profit.

The Tariff is updated monthly with ammendments made through the month however this is distributed by Excel spreadsheets. This causes duplication, confusion and is a poor end user experience.

Using the web we can make this better. We parse the tariff into our database and present it in a clean searchable table. Users can drill down into a drug and get indight into the past tariff rate and clearly see trends. Thr search and sort functions make navigating the tariff much faster.

The concept was developed as part of the Digital Health Product Forge 2018. Total development is less than one day and is already a vast improvement over the existing process used by the NHS.

We wanted this product to be as clutter free as possible and to work across deveice types.

We have worked with several independant community pharmacies to ensure the product gives the pharmacists real benefit over the existing ways of working.

How we made it.

We made Rx Tariff using Ruby on Rails and Bootstrap. The product was developed in less that a day as a demonstrator of the potential for making health data accessible, easy to use and with a business process in mind.

Get Started.

The Rx Tariff product is free to use and accessible from all modern web browsers with limited testing carried out on legacy browsers such as Internet Explorer.

If you have feedback, suggestions or just want to learn a bit more about Add Jam please just get in touch.