A skatepark with a difference

A skatepark with a difference

The Loading Bay is a skatepark in Glasgow with social good at its core. Using the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, The Loading Bay point of sale grants free access to the skatepark for those who otherwise couldn't afford to take part. The innovative PoS process works to remove stigma and encourage young people to get active.

The Loading Bay is a skatepark in the North of Glasgow. The Scottish Canals supported the development of the skatepark as part of wider efforts to regenerate the area surrounding the canal.

The Loading Bay is actually a former loading bay of a Glasgow warehouse. Rough surfaces and unusual shapes are combined with smooth and forgiving ply transitions, whilst large windows let in a wash of diffused natural light. The park aims to give all the fun of skating outdoors, indoors (and without the rain!).

We created an innovative point of sale application that The Loading Bay can run on iPads on site. It's backed up by a web-based customer relationship management tool that they can use to manage visitors. The Loading Bay has social good at their core and wanted to ensure access for young people from deprived backgrounds.

For this, we used the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation to determine if young people are eligible for free entry into the skatepark. When checking in, visitors are prompted to enter their postcode which is then used to assess eligibility. The process looks the same no matter who is visiting, which we thought was a key part of removing the social stigma often associated with state aid. This stigma can play a large part in dissuading young people to take part in schemes like this, therefore it was an essential consideration in the development of the point of sale system in order to encourage more young people to get involved and get active.

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