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Tough Table Challenge

Snooker is a sport where precision meets passion. The Tough Table Challenge emerged as a thrilling competition under the Cue Tips YouTube channel, spearheaded by the legendary seven-time snooker world champion, Stephen Hendry. To capture the essence of this competition and engage its growing audience, a dedicated static site was developed to track and showcase the leaderboard.

A Static Site with Dynamic Appeal

Leveraging the simplicity and reliability of static site architecture, we crafted a digital leaderboard that stands as the central hub for the Tough Table Challenge. This site was designed with the user experience at its core, ensuring that fans could easily navigate through standings, some basic player stats, and view the Cue Tips videos.

The site uses Gatsby and is hosted on Netlify.

Designing for Fans and the Future

The aesthetic of the site draws inspiration from the elegance and heritage of snooker, incorporating rich visuals and a user-friendly interface. This design approach not only honors the sport's legacy but also caters to the modern fan’s desire for accessibility and engagement.

Technological Simplicity for Scalable Impact

Built with the future in mind, the site's static foundation allows for high performance and reliability, even as the Tough Table Challenge grows in popularity. This technological choice ensures that fans have uninterrupted access to the leaderboard, fostering a deeper connection with the competition.

If the product grows we'd like to include community scores and contributions.

The Tough Table Challenge site was a bit of fun. Michael, cofounder of Add Jam, has taken up playing Snooker and looks forward to the new Cue Tips video each Sunday.


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