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May 30 2024


Streamline your email attachments like never before

The team at Add Jam is thrilled to announce the launch of our latest product, Attachment Bot, now available on the Mac App Store. Attachment Bot is a desktop application developed to enhance your productivity by effortlessly sorting through your email attachments, ensuring you never lose track of important files again.

Why did we make Attachment Bot?

Running a business involves meticulous record-keeping, especially in managing invoices and receipts for VAT and tax returns. Each month, we faced the tedious task of sifting through our emails to locate these attachments for our records. The lack of consistent naming conventions or an easy way to match these documents with our banking transactions made this process even more challenging and time-consuming.

That's where our concept for Attachment Bot was born. Simply authenticate your IMAP email account (Gmail, Yahoo, Fastmail, iCloud, etc.), set up rules for 'matching' emails, and choose a location to save the files. For example, create a rule to match emails containing the text "DigitalOcean" and "Invoice."

Attachment Bot then organizes your attachments in a structured manner, allowing for easy recall when needed. All of this is done in a privacy-first manner - no data leaves your device, and there are no analytics or tracking. Your data stays secure.

Why choose Attachment Bot?

We believe Attachment Bot will be a real time saver for anyone that needs to keep records of invoices and other important attachments. Our key features include:

  • Privacy is our top priority. Attachment Bot processes all your data locally, directly on your device. This means your emails stay private, and your information never touches our servers.
  • Effortless automation. Set and forget. Once you set up your rules, Attachment Bot takes over. It automatically saves attachments from any matching emails you receive, streamlining your workflow without ongoing input.
  • Start without spending a penny. You can try Attachment Bot with one email account and up to three rules completely free. When you're ready for more, upgrading is seamless and straightforward.
  • Stay in the know. With the Activity Log, you can keep tabs on what Attachment Bot has been up to. Whether it's saving new attachments or organizing old ones, you'll have a clear, timestamped record of all actions.
  • Your data exported and organized for you. Your attachments are exported and meticulously sorted by year, month, and day. This organization makes it easy to integrate them with your existing tools and systems.
  • Works with any email provider. Thanks to its use of IMAP, the industry standard, Attachment Bot connects seamlessly with virtually any email account, ensuring compatibility across the board.

Pricing and availability

Attachment Bot is available for a yearly subscription of only £15, or you can opt for a one-time purchase of £30 for a lifetime license (no recurring subscription fee - you own it for life). This launch offer is currently available exclusively for macOS users through the Mac App Store.

Coming soon: Windows Version

At Add Jam, we are a team of long-time Mac users. Therefore, our focus was shipping Attachment Bot for macOS first. We are, however, excited to announce that a Windows version of Attachment Bot is in development and will be launching soon. If you would like to help us test the Windows version, drop us an email at support@addjam.com or stay tuned to the Add Jam blog for more updates!

How else can you use Attachment Bot?

Our intent with Attachment Bot was to minimise the pain of bookkeeping, but the tool can do so much more. For example:

  • Save your shopping vouchers. Does your supermarket of choice send vouchers by email that you have to dig through your inbox to find? Use Attachment Bot to collect that email and save it for easy recall.
  • Track your spending on subscription services. Use Attachment Bot to save your personal invoices for services like Netflix, Spotify, and App Store purchases.
  • Run your Etsy store. Are you running an Etsy store (or similar) that allows people to send custom assets and artwork? Use Attachment Bot to pick up the attachments and store them for you.
  • Back up important emails. Does your email provider offer limited storage space? Use Attachment Bot to match important emails or ones from loved ones to save them locally for an easy backup.
  • Immigration and proof of residency. Moving country and going through the immigration process can be time-consuming and daunting. Use Attachment Bot to match important emails (like utility bills) and save these attachments to help with recall if these documents of proof are ever required.
  • Basic case management. Are you in a complaint process? Use Attachment Bot as a lightweight case management tool, matching important emails related to your case and storing them for proof of correspondence.

Get Attachment Bot for macOS today

Don’t miss out on the convenience and security that Attachment Bot offers. Download the app on macOS today and take the first step towards streamlined email management.

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to make your digital life easier and more productive. We can't wait for you to experience the benefits of Attachment Bot!

For any questions or support, please contact us at team@addjam.com.

Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest news and updates from our team.

Happy organising!

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