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Glasgow Roots

As stated in other projects, Add Jam is rooted in the heart of Glasgow, so when the team was having a discussion about other micro-projects we could test and improve on the company's development process and tooling. The team took inspiration from our Glasgow Sub Crawl site, which has been gaining good traction online. Thus the Glasgow Park Walk app was seeded.

Who to Target?

Like the Glasgow Sub Crawl site, we decided we wanted to make the app useful not just for Glasgow natives but also visitors of our city. This way they could have a free and easy way to get out and explore what Glasgow has to offer.

Due to this one of the major features we focused on during development was translations. We carried out some research to see what the list of top 10 languages spoken by visitors to Glasgow is composed of and provided support for all of those languages in the app.

Doing this work whilst taking more time to develop and polish. It helps to break the barrier of entry for non-English speakers and allows us to provide a better user experience by removing that often difficult language or accent barrier non-English speakers to Scotland can face.

Offline and Privacy

Unlike typical apps, Glasgow Park Walk operates entirely offline—no account needed, no data tracking. This decision ensures users have instant access to park information anywhere, anytime, without data concerns. Plus, it reinforces our commitment to user privacy, shielding them from intrusive trackers and advertisements.

Testing our Internal Tech

The app was made during some downtime between projects. The team at Add Jam thought this would be a good opportunity to test out the changes and improvements, recently made to our internal development tools. Doing this would allow us to see the improvements made and what areas we could still improve and refactor our internal tooling to make our development experience even more streamlined.

It only took a few days for the team to use this tooling and the Add Jam ethos of build fast and ship fast, to get the product made and out on the market for users to use and provide us feedback. Alongside the app our tooling also allowed us to quickly spin up a marketing site, where we can leverage SEO and promote the app to both people local to and visiting Glasgow.



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